About Me


{nice to meet you!}


I could tell you about how I love photography but I’m sure you guessed that already.  Or I could talk about how I got the nickname “captain kodak”  because when I got my first camera at the age of 10 I took pictures non-stop.  – but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the info you are looking for either. So, how about 10 random facts about me?

 I met my husband online!

 I am a mom to 4 kids, 3 hamsters, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs  and 1 “crabitat” filled with hermit crabs we have brought back from the shore over the years.

 My cameras are like my 5th & 6th children.

 In my single days I worked for Club Med as an aerobics instructor!

 I like to talk.. A LOT.

 I was that crazy girl in college (Go Sun Devils!) who would spend their money on reprints of pictures instead of meals. (and yes I just dated myself by using the word   “reprint”)

 I can’t parallel park, but I can drive a stick shift.

 Most days you will find me in jeans or shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt.

 I can’t write in cursive .. at all.

 I could live on Denville Dairy and Cinnamon Indian Food. I’m pretty sure they are 2 of the main food groups. (the other three being coffee, coffee and oh.. coffee)

 ok so maybe 11 things.. I am a HUGE fan of the Diana Gabaldon “Outlander” series — have been reading those giant books for over 15 years.. BEFORE the show came on STARZ…oh and X files.. have been an X file fan since day one 😀

I believe that everyday life is worth celebrating, is worth remembering, is worth capturing.  It means more to me to have a picture of my 4 year old proudly  wearing her clothes backwards, shoes on the wrong feet, pushing around a stuffed animal in her stroller than a staged picture of her all dressed up with a fake smile for Uncle Gus’s 75th birthday party.  (ok you got me, I don’t really have an Uncle Gus).

I love images that show personality and evoke emotion. The best way to get those images is to capture people in real moments in their daily lives. Sometimes those moments are all smiles and sometimes they are not. To me they are all perfect because they represent YOU and your family today.   My style is fresh and clean and everyday simple with a twist of fun.

Creating unique, candid “this is what my life is like right now” images for my clients to display in their homes is what drives me.  If you feel that everyday is extraordinary, and that life’s daily moments are worth capturing ..Let’s Talk!